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  "My client's desire to appeal to quality but also affordable compared to quality, reliable products that will not be a continuation of an interrupted ..." "
HORECA known by the abbreviation hotel, restaurant and catering that the criteria of choosing the wine and spirits world.
In 1990, the adventure of finding the century AdCO the quarter we established today from a modest company to achieve its giant portfolio, we think because we able to answer this quest ...
Every year, our team with the world's most important wine meeting, we're going to fairs and tastings. We welcome the dozens of producers from many countries throughout the year in Turkey.
Number of thousands who taste the wine and spirits throughout the year, for example, examines the characteristics are investigating whether Turkey is successful in the market.
And at the end of this rigorous study, also come to overcome intense bureaucratic procedures, the French "selection of the selection" We also offer products that you choose the voters.
Of course the selection of a product and making up, in its major markets and be positioned correctly in the market ... ADCO giant catalogs, extending it for two years, 3 months of seasonal ADCOM publishes the magazine, in which we organize events throughout the year in the region we will meet with you. In addition we do the import manufacturers as well by hosting frequent in Turkey, we also provide support to the marketing of these products in places.
This year, there are more surprises as our bias ADCO. ADCO porfö, the Turkish boutique wine producers will henceforth their place in the product, thus rising to support the Turkish winemaking ...
Indeed, this year's Chateau Nuzi in our catalog, we herald attentiveness and Nifu Ties firms will no longer be distributed ADCOM hand.
Certainly not limit our services to only wine, sake from the world famous liquor, the most exclusive champagne on a spectrum ranging from the rare vintage cognac and grappa, we also offer ample space for sparkling wine and distilled spirits. We are building with the point we have reached today, our success has been achieved thanks to you, our valued partner in cooperation and achievements do not forget even for a moment.
Happy birthday wishes to work together through love and respect,

Figen Mays
Randolph Ward Mays